Welcome to Unyti U!

Course Prerequisites

Now that you have decided to change your life by changing your currency, I want to officially welcome you to the Unyti University. Here you will learn all about Unyti. What it is, how it works and how it benefits you and the world you’ve created for yourself.

Before we begin, we first have to establish an expectation of what Unyti is and what it can do for you. However, to fully grasp the concept of Unyti, you must understand how currency is created, how that currency is used and who it ultimately benefits. You, see, in this new normal your world, your family, the people you know, the job you work, the church you attend and even the relationships you’ve spent years cultivating will depend upon Unyti and you.

It is here at Unyti U, that you will learn all you need to truly alter your life, empower your business, and enhance your future in an amazing sort of way.

Unyti 101


Relationships & Debt

The Value Of You

What Unyti Does

It’s a Viscous Cycle

It’s times like these, with such an uncertain future, where do we look? Well, we know we cannot rely on where we are much longer. Every few years, with increasing frequency, we face recession and depression while national debt grows in both times of prosperity and in times of lack. We cannot rely on government to bail us out, because governmnet

The problem isn’t Wall Street or government per say. But what we have done as a society is become reliant on the idea of turning a quick profit at the expense of others and speculating on what the future will hold without considering our friends, family and neighborhoods. Many get rich quick schemes rely on this selfishness, perpetuating the

The lie: Money can guarantee peace of mind.

The truth: We want the liberty to get what we want and the security to get what we need. If the US dollar became worthless tomorrow, what would it do for you? what if instead of relying on money to provide us our liberty and security, we looked back to each other. It’s so simple a concept that a child can understand it.


It takes two.

Unyti is a relationship-based currency created during the point of sale. As if out of thin air, this one-of-a-kind method of payment allows a user to pay for goods and services in a way that can generate future business for themselves and others. With that said, it takes two to attend this dance. A Plus one.

The Point of Sale

During a transaction both the buyer and the seller, the creditor or the debtor come together to make beautiful music together. When they do, the Unyti will look for a series of conditions in which to perform its patent-pending function.

Our Process

When a debt is owned to us, Unyti will

When Value is bought , Unyti wil

When Value is redeemed, Unyti will

When a gift is given, Unyti wil

Unyti Benefits Everyone

As you can see, regardless of who you are, Unyti can provide you with savings, rewards, and incentives that go way beyond the point of sale. With your participation, Unyti can help communities provide jobs, provide charity and generate prosperity for all that are willing to be a part of their wonderful and exciting community.


You’ve graduated! You’ve done an amazing job! We can’t believe your journey here at Unyti U. has come to an end. Some of you may move on to become merchants, freelancers, enterpreneurs, government officials, or just every day shoppers. However, we hope that no matter where you go on your journey from here, we hope you make the

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