Course Prerequisites

Now that you have decided to change your life by changing your
currency, I want to officially welcome you to the Unyti University. Here
you will learn all about Unyti. What it is, how it works and how it benefits
you and the world you’ve created for yourself.

Before we begin, we first have to establish what Unyti is:

Unyti is simply a way of making purchases on credit.

Unyti 101

Purchase on credit

It’s times like these, most small business owners do not have the liquidity to purchase the goods, services or even inventory to operate their business. Unyti allows these business owners to purchase the things they need without accumulating interest.

“Do me a favor…”

That’s right. Simpy a favor. Unyti works on the idea of “IOU”, form of credit that has been around for oh…generations. When you make a purchase with Unyti, you are making a credit payment to a creditor that is willing to accept it.

Monetizing Trust

When you make a purchase using the Unyti Payment System, a credit in the amount of the purchase you have made, is created on behalf of your business and placed within the creditors wallet.

Prosperity through Unyti

Creditors that have your credit in their wallet can sell, trade or even donate the credit in their wallet. No matter who possesses the credit, once you redeem it the debt it paid. That’s right, you cannot pay your Unyti Payments in cash, you can only settle your debts through credit redemption. There is no other way.


create a stored value currency on behalf of the buyer and place it in the seller’s wallet. 

allow a seller to make purchases from the buyer or they can sell it, trade it or even donate it to another Unyti account holder.

 settle the debt owed to the seller and create stored value based upon the fee owed by buyer. 

charge nothing. After all, it’s a gift to someone. It’s not our business.

Unyti Benefits Everyone

As you can see, regardless of who you are, Unyti can provide you with savings, rewards, and incentives that go way beyond the point of sale. With your participation, Unyti can help communities provide jobs, provide charity and generate prosperity for all that are willing to be a part of their wonderful and exciting community.


You’ve graduated! You’ve done an amazing job! We can’t believe your journey here at Unyti U. has come to an end. Some of you may move on to become merchants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, government officials, or just every day shoppers. However, we hope that no matter where you go on your journey from here, we hope you make the choice to take Unyti with you. If you’re ready to continue on this path, then please click the Communyti button below.