The Foundation

At it’s core, Unyti is an integrity-based, relationship-driven payment method uniquely-designed to serve two basic needs: Save merchants money in their relentless quest towards prosperity and drive more business back through their doors.

How Unyti Works For Merchants

When merchants use the Unyti Payment System, they are simply making a purchase on credit. When they do they never have to use cash to settle their debt. This gives Unyti merchants a huge advantages as they are rewarded with every time they redeem the value created on behalf of their debt.

No catches. No gimmicks. No games.


When you make a purchase or incur a debt, the Unyti Credit System will create stored value currency on your behalf.


Once created, the stored value currency is used to complete your purchase or pay your debt.


To pay your Unyti debt, simply redeem the stored value when presented to you by a customer. No cash required.

Our Rates and Fees


 Unyti only charges this fee when a member settles their debt. And yes, that payment is paid in value as well.


When you pay a fee we…

…we sell it, that’s what we do.

That’s right, when you settle your Unyti debts, we use that fee to bring more customers back to you. Matter of fact, as that fee accumulates we even sell that fee at a discounted price to entice more customers to come back to you. It’s simply our way of saying thanks for being a part of something bigger than yourself.

As others pay their fee we…

…allow you to trade your Value for theirs.

You see, we just stepped up the game for you. Trade your Value for Value that we have from other members simply by making a request. After getting it, it’s your Value to spend or sell as you see fit.