We All Start Somewhere

Regardless of the amount of talent you possess, money often plays a huge part in whether you start, continue or stop operating a business. For those that dare to venture, plan hard and work harder nothing is more frustrating than having your dreams never come to fruition simply over a lack of money.

A Multifaceted Solution

Unyti also started small – as a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. Money was always our problem, so we sympathize! It took years for us to get off the ground! Unyti was created to help alleviate this problem with others. Instead of taking months, you can get started in days.

Another Word of Encouragement

We admire and appreciate those that are ready and willing to head off into the great unknown. That’s why we welcome those like you, the intrepid few – freelancers and entrepreneurs alike to take part not only in accepting Unyti, but to take part in working with other businesses and partners that accept Unyti at their business.