What is Unyti?

Unyti starts with you! How much are you worth?

How much is your work worth?

What we do at Unyti is give you the power to create and manage your own virtual money.

We call this currency value.

By Definition

Value is the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Your value is what you make it – after all, it’s yours! Your own currency empowers you to decide how much your work is worth for every transaction. For example, when you were a child, how much was $100 to you? What if that scaled up when you got older? What if that $100 stayed $100, but the value of the dollar itself increased to match what you remember?


Your Perception

The solution is changing how we perceive money.
A decentralized currency removes the power from a central authority to decide how much things are worth.
While this does mean you lose a common recognized medium, like the dollar, from our perspective you benefit more.
So how do you benefit?

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Our Mission, Your Goals

What Unyti is really all about is restoring the balance – the relationship between merchant and customer. We want to rebuild Main Street through currency and to restore communities back to health through helping one another. Unyti is made for practical generosity because personal enrichment is more than just about who owns the money. This is our mission and we want to achieve it through helping you grow. Grow with us. As we grow, we hope to help you grow much more. We’re not just a payment method – we are communyti. Welcome to Unyti.